Yoga to Healththe five chakra vinyasa practices to guide you into the heart of yoga

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    Jude & Colin AYL


    DVD Length 78 mins

    Yoga & Meditation

    Chakras are psychic centres of energy resonating to the colours of the rainbow. The chakra system consists of 7 main centres of focussed energy located along the spine. Each chakra relates to one of the elements and has a signficant yoga teachng. In this DVD you will learn how to tune into your own vital energy centres and to plug into their wisdom and power. Come on a journey into the colours, wisdom and power of yoga to create harmony and union at all levels of being. Included: 1. The Five Tibetans Vinyasa with modifications shown. 2. The Five Elements Vinyasa, a yoga chikung practice 3. Chakra Vinyasa into the wisdom of yoga 4. Om Shanti Meditation affirming love and peace 5. Chakra Journey Relaxation practice.

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